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Your Inspiration is a huge community with an extraordinary team and a big passion for web design. Nowadays, it is one of the most popular institutions in Italy in the matter of WordPress themes that develops and sells worldwide. It also acquires relevance for the training offered to users through blogs, webinars, courses, etc.

This project was born almost for fun in 2009, with a blog – Your Inspiration Web – which has been dealing since the first moment with most practical, even if most controversial, matters concerning freelance web designers. But there is more now… >

projects & initiatives


Your Inspiration’s training courses have a double soul: the blog, where dozens of professional authors share daily their experience, and in-depth courses/product. For further information >


On ThemeForest, our themes are among the most sold. Because of this, in 2012 we have created our marketplace, with a winning formula that offer free themes in their basic version. Give a look at our profile >


The way how our community has grown encouraged us to organize live events to meet our readers, and have a closer relationship. Nowadays our seminars are cult events of the field, definitely among the most appreciated by freelance web designers. Discover why >


It gathers all our information products, from books to eBooks, up to multimedia courses… and not only about web design. Actually, we have started to move also in complementary strategic fields. Go now to the shop >