Training seminar for Freelance Web Designers
2nd edition

Rome, 12/13th June 2013

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Where and When : Rome , 12/13th June 2013
Attendees : 160
Speakers : Nando Pappalardo, Sara Presenti, Marco Salvo, Carlo D'Angiò, Fabio Micera, Simone D'Amico, Marco Santonocito, Luca Panzerella, Maurizio Tarchini

A global commitment, to the deepest part of your self, 100%

Rome. The second edition of our seminar. The number of attendees triplicated compared to 2011. And in the room there was just one shouting together: to the top!

It was Nando’s speech that exhorted everyone, both speakers and attendees, to enjoy that event in a non-ordinary way. Ordinary people content themselves with 10% of their life. While we know that big ideas and projects come from enthusiasm and from an overwhelming will to do our best. “Ordinary” is not enough. We all need a global commitment, body and soul, 100% commitment.

We dealt again with taxes and revenue, an evergreen content topic that concerns those who want to start up their own businesses. But then we changed the same old record and we went in hard with rock topics. Responsive design, how to engage new customers, start-ups, how to earn one million dollars in two years with WordPress themes. We talked also about SEO and about remote working cooperation, about how to write texts for one’s own site and about thousands of ways to find a job as freelancers.

Two extraordinary days, full of knowledge, suggestions, networking, friendship and authentic passion.

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It was a great experience: the simple talking of different point of views enriches you and solve all the possible doubts. Even if I received a restrictive ordinance by some speakers and attendees (like Luca Panzarella ahah it’s a joke, you are great Luca, thanks for answering to my 10k questions :°D) I would like to thank Marco Santonocito, Nando Pappalardo, Michele Matto, and Mario Landolfo: see you next time! I promise, I’ll make less questions, jst the importa ones! See ya!

Antonio Gaetano De Luca

What impressed me is the YIW team. You are a big family, and I’m not talking just about Nando, Sara and their daughter, but also all YIW team, and I really think your success depends on this! My best compliments. My mind was already clear, my projects… but I was missing something you gave me with your determination, and now I can shout it: 100%! :)

Alessandra De Robertis

I’m home, but my thoughts are still there! Thanks for the small talks, the availability and the discussions! I need more!

Manuela Langella

Hi all, it’s been great to meet you. Good job, an event full of different experiences that help you think about your future. 250€ well spent :D

Andrea Novi

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