Training seminar for FREELANCE WEB DESIGNERS
3rd Edition

Rome, 15/16th March 2014

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Where and When : Rome , 15/16th March 2014
Attendees : 170
Speakers : Nando Pappalardo, Sara Presenti, Carlo D'Angiò, Marco Salvo

How many ways has a freelance web designer to earn?

Once again in Rome. Even more people. And still a great will to bring an unforgettable event to you. We complied the objective successfully. After all, the topic was really unmissable. If we wanted to summirise it in a sentence it could be: “How many ways has a freelance web designer to earn?”.

We dealt with this topic. From web agencies to passive income, from how to get rid of endless ties with harassing customers to how to live at the best as freelancers. We brought to our attendees a heap of techniques, strategies and study cases to help you out of a mediocre profession and move in a direction which is rich of opportunities and dynamism.

Moments of big emotion did not miss, but not even laughs, fun and endless rounds of applause for dealt contents and for the way they have been shared. It is an event that resembles an important unique institutional meeting happening every year. We are looking forward to starting working on the new one!

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