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We started out this project almost for fun, meaning that, when sharing our experience as freelance web designers on Your Inspiration Web in 2009, we noticed that people were very responsive about the topics we used to deal with and realized that the freelancer market just needed that kind of know-how.

Currently, training has become our jewel in the crown. From the blog, always lively and dynamic, we moved to training seminars, that every year gather hundreds of people from all over Italy, and then again to digital courses and publishing.

Your Inspiration Multimedia

… to multimedia training

Last but not least is our One Year Together project, a multimedia (online) course for aspiring freelance web designers organized in 13 months with more than 80 audio and video lessons and a dedicated and essential training support forum for students (the first session is completely free).

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… to publishing

We have also launched our editorial season with our first publishing: Professione Web Designer Freelance (“Freelance Web Designer: a profession”), a book that answers most of the frequent questions usually posed by a novice freelance web designer. Is it profitable? How do I start? Which are the mistakes to avoid? How will I get trained? And much more. We think professional training is always a strategic field, therefore we constantly invest in new authors, new products, and new projects: an entire world to discover!



We are proud to mention, among our latest products, the Front End & Back End Developer course, a highly professional training course for web developers about the programming languages, from basic HTML and CSS to advanced PHP, JavaScript, and jQuery, all web developing fundamentals to enter the job market as a web developer. The course is enriched with live webinars held by teachers to grant quality meetings and to explain and solve any possible doubt the students may have while studying these subjects.

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