Training seminar for FREELANCE WEB DESIGNERS
1st Edition

Milan, 26th November 2011

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Where and When : Milan , 26th November 2011
Attendees : 60
Speakers : Nando Pappalardo, Sara Presenti , Giuliano Ambrosio, Luca Panzarella, Fabio Micera

Enthusiasm and pure adrenalin

It was the first one. Huge emotions, the will to meet that part of the WordPress community that follows us on our blog every day and encourages us to do better every day. Starting from the plane journey to hotel check-in and then the speeches and the intense networking, a general enthusiam has been the prevailing feeling during our first seminar in Milan.

During the day we talked about taxes, revenue, brand, crowdsourcing, passive income and also estimates and contracts, one the most intriguing topics for a web designer who is trying to start his/her own business without making mistakes during the way. But there was a surprising guest: the adrenalin level, it was really high! Everyone, from organisers to speakers and attendees, they all seemed to be playing a Hollywood script by Martin Scorsese, which title could have been simply “We rock!”…

When we came back to Acireale, we noticed that we needed a good cardiologist, just because… our heart was going to burst with excitement! It had been a unique experience, unforgettable, what we really needed to give birth to a new branch of our company, live training, as well as rockstars do!

your experience...

I would repeat this experience ten thousand times, both for its contents and all participants (you are extremely gentle and patient, you have answered to all my questions!). It’s been a pleasure to meet you in person, and speaking with all other guys of the same field.

Arianna Spelonga

What do I think about the seminar? A mix of passion, perseverance, and trust. After a virtual relation, it’s been a great experience to know you. In addition to the seminar, which is hard to describe, it’s been great to meet you and all other colleagues of the whole Italy. Even the dinner was fun, in a perfect mood. Have I already said it was great?? :D Simply wonderful, an investment that will give its results!

Calogero Migliore

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