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Our events

When you are lucky enough to create a huge community (more than 10 thousand people follow us every day), the need to know each other better, to meet and stay together, becomes real. It is just like the urge to know more about web design turned into the human need to look us in the eyes to tell us our own lives. It’s the instinct to create a group, to gather around common values and feelings. An instinct we have caught and turned into the most loved training event for freelance web designers.

Every year hundreds of people attend our meeting room. They long to know more, to ask questions, to understand the true experience of other web designers and every time we get rewarded with a passionate participation and enthusiasm.

However, events are contagious. If you manage one people like, you feel the urge to plan others without waiting for a whole year. And this is why we have a new goal: manage a brand new series of events during which we will try to reach and see the WordPress community with our own eyes, to encourage and create a strong bond between all people who work in our field.


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