Nando Pappalardo


Among the most successful entrepreneurs in the field of WordPress themes, he was one of the first Italians to make his name known in the international market with top-selling products. Founder of Your Inspiration Web, a renowned Italian community about web design field, today is the CEO of Your Inspiration, a company of communication and training whose aim is to help web designers to get better, and take advantage wisely of the market opportunities.

Sara Presenti

UX Designer

Sun, love, and inspiration. This could be the wonderful recap of her life, and even the recipe of her international success. Sara Presenti, co-founder of Your Inspiration Web, is one of the most appreciated web designer worldwide with many web projetcs on the top of Themeforest’s leaderboards.

Corrado Porzio


Web developer and graduated in computer science at the university of Catania. Passionate of minimal graphics, he can’t live for more than 24 hours without writing a single code string.

Marco Salvo

Project & Marketing Manager

A tireless dad that loves his family and his job: give him a business target and you will see him smiling. SEO makes him a war machine, and this is why he became the Project & Marketing Manager for the company. He thinks limits are just small talk of those people that don’t want to fulfill a goal.

Andrea Grillo

Developer & Trainer

Computer engineer, he started his “career” dealing with a Commodore64, a gift he received in the early ’90s. He lived personally the boom of the web and, mixed with his passion for new technologies, he decided to attend to information engineering studies. Motivated from the same enthusiasm that years ago brought him to become a web designer, today he has decided to dedicate also to professional training, teaching his experiences in this work field.

Sara Michieli

Graphic designer

First School of Art, and then Academy of Fine Art of Venice: art is an essential element of her life, and her educational path. For several years, she has got closer to illustration: in the beginning, she started with traditional techniques, just to make a step forward and work as a graphic artist, using the digital platform that is now her main working tool. Since January 2013, she became part of the Your Inspiration team as a graphic designer and illustrator.

Francesco Grasso


He has been always fond of computer science and technology, a real geek… who put his experience into practice becoming now a true professional in his job. Francesco began his career as systems analyst, but now he deals with graphics and web design in Your Inspiration team, even if his curiosity (as a real geek can be) often makes it the jack of all trades of the company.

Emanuela Castorina

Emanuela Castorina


Web developer since 2003. She has always kept updating and experiment, making multitasking her lifestyle, even thanks to the contribution of her two energetic children. She left her freelance job with the pleasant working experience arisen with the dynamic team of YI.

Francesco Licandro


Graduated in Computer Engineering, he has always been fond of computer science and technology. He approached development and, after some small projects, he became part of the YI family as web developer.

Antonio La Rocca


Computer engineer with a single, true, passion: the development! After a profitable university experience, filled with dozens of small projects, he finally reached YI team feeling right at home. Today is a web developer, and he nurtures his passion embracing each new project as a challenge and a chance to improve.

Alessio Torrisi

Alessio Torrisi


Graduated at the state industrial and technical institute, Alessio Torrisi, he is the proof that when you do something you are fond of, there is always someone ready to test you. Today is part of the Your Inspiration development team and he cuts his teeth bravely: he codes graphics and texts of pages destined to generate benefits and wealth.

Ausilia Arrigo


Graduated in Languages for international cooperation, she immediately made the most of her linguistic skills for technology and web. She translates themes and plugins for Your Inspiration, stoking continuously knowledge and passion towards a new world that has always something new to discover… while she takes any opportunities to distract the YI team singing cheerfully!

Salvatore Strano


Graduated in Information Technology, passionate about development and new research fields, he became part of Your Inspiration family as web developer with enthusiasm and the will to improve.

Alberto Ruggiero


After the high school diploma in computer specialization in 2002, and many different experiences that enriched his personal background, he came back to his “first love” in 2008, computer science, studying as web developer and systems analyst. Thanks to Your Inspiration, he accepted the challenge of WordPress universe, adding a new tile to his knowledge. Passionate about photography, music, mangas and fantasy books, he is also a multi-instrumentalist and a full-time dad.

Giuseppe Madaudo

Support Manager

Computer engineer with a never-ending passion for application forensic, every detail is a challenge for him. Lover of the web environment and all technologies related, he thinks that if something doesn’t work as you want, it doesn’t mean it is useless.

Francesco Leanza


Graduated in Computer Engineering, his passions are about keyboards: one QWERTY type, and the other with black and white keys! He has always been fond for development and all kind of technology, together with music and piano. He approached web development for the first time in 2001, and since then he continues to be always up-to-date about this field: after some small projects, he proudly becomes part of Your Inspiration team as web developer.

Armando Liccardo

Support Technician

Graduated in Archaeology, he has always loved computers and web development, so he has always tried to point his life towards them. Curious and willing to learn, thanks to Your Inspiration approached WordPress discovering a wonderful world, which constantly puts to test his neurons “Slightly” eclectic, he loves translating poems and literary works (he translated different literature works for a Neapolitan cultural association), painting and expressing the tantrums of his mind in any possible artistic form.

Alessandra Giuliani


Graduated at the state school for Tourism, she has always nurtured a passion for foreign languages. She takes on this new adventure in Your Inspiration with enthusiasm. Deeply addicted to books, she also loves music, crafts, nature and writing letters in the old-fashioned way. Last but not least, she’s a full-time mom.

Carlos Mora


Carlos fully entered in the computer world in 2007, when he was at highschool. He began to be interested in Linux and learned a lot of computer concepts. After that, his carreer has only just begun… First, he graduated as Systems and Networks Administrator in 2012. Next, he graduated as Developer, specialized in Java. Later, Carlos continued his formation with C++, PHP, JavaScript… In 2016, Carlos proudly joined the YITH team. He loves music (listening to it and playing it as well) and the cinema.

Carlos Rodríguez Brito


Graduate in Computer Engineering, a passionate about new technologies, he learns new things everyday and he applies to his job to become a better professional. Now, thanks to YITH, he has added a new challenge to his life. Since 2016 he is part of this great team as a web developer.

Karen Cabrera

Karen Déniz

Customer care

Graduated in Business & Finance and in a Bachelor of Arts. Curious by nature, declared animals lover, adores countryside, horse-riding routes, the sea and the sun. Karen discovered the widespread and friendly WordPress and WooCommerce’s world with YITH to enjoy this community and learn as much as possible.


Anke Ketelaars

Customer care

Graduated with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration (BBA), and with a few years of experience in international environments, Anke became part of the YITH team in 2017. She loves to be active, go hiking and enjoy the outdoors.

Francisco Mendoza

Francisco Mendoza


Graduated in Computer Engineering, is a passionate of the technologies and the video games. As a first experience with web development and WordPress, he arrived in 2018 to be part of the YITH team.

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